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Car Window Shade Comprehensive Sun and Heat Protection: This high-quality, double mesh car side window shade shields your family effectively from intense sunlight, protecting their skin and eyes. It’s ideal for ensuring your babies are safe from sunburn and mosquitoes, guaranteeing a comfortable journey.

Breathable with Fresh Air Flow: The GOLDFLOWER car window shades are designed to fit securely over the entire exterior window frame without adhesives, allowing you to roll the windows up and down. Enjoy fresh air and a cool breeze while staying protected from the sun, heat, and external elements.

Enhanced Privacy: Crafted from stretchable Nylon mesh, these car window covers obscure visibility from the outside, offering high privacy for activities like working, sleeping, or feeding a baby inside your vehicle.

Simple, Quick Installation: These adjustable car sun shades are crafted from elastic nylon mesh, making them easy to install in seconds. They are lightweight, foldable, and easy to store in a pouch or your car, perfect for temporary use.

Versatile Fit for Most Vehicles: Specifically designed for REAR SIDE windows, these shades fit a variety of vehicles, from large cars with curved windows to small SUVs. Maximum dimensions include an upper width of 33.5 inches, a lower width of 39.4 inches, and a height of 19.7 inches. Please measure your windows, including the door frame, before purchasing.

Note: Installation instructions are provided on the box.


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