Latest Update – Golf Plate Covers, Looking to add some flair to your dad’s golf ride? Look no further than our custom golf-themed license plate frames! Forget about boring plates, these frames offer a fun and personalized touch to any golf enthusiast’s car.

April 7, 2024 Latest Update – Golf Plate Covers

Crafted from durable aluminum measuring just 0.03″ thick, these frames are built to withstand the elements on and off the golf course. They allow for full customization directly on specially-coated metal, ensuring your dad’s love for golf shines through.

Our frames come in three different sizes—thin, regular, and wide—giving you plenty of options to tailor the frame to your dad’s vehicle. Whether he’s cruising to the golf course or showing off his swing around town, let his license plate frame reflect his passion for the game.

Here’s why our frames are perfect for your dad’s golf ride:

  • They’re standard-sized and comply with USA license plate requirements.
  • Full-color printing means endless customization possibilities, from witty golf puns to his favorite golf course logo.
  • The durable aluminum construction is scratch and abrasion-resistant, ensuring the frame stays looking pristine round after round.
  • Weather-resistant and resistant to fading or rust, so your dad can focus on his game without worrying about his frame.
  • Pre-drilled holes make installation a breeze (screw caps not included), so your dad can hit the road and tee off in style.

Upgrade your dad’s golf experience with our customizable license plate frames and make his golf ride even more enjoyable!

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